How it all started: 
TaQue is locally owned and operated by Loudoun resident Keith Elson. Keith set out with one mission in mind: to create a local restaurant that is truly Loudoun's own...while creating a unique and delicious food experience! 
Our recipe is pretty simple: 
Produce an amazing product at an affordable price, and treat our people fair!
Our food doesn’t come prepped in bags from some distributor like most chains. Our pit master Fernando takes the time to season and smoke all of our meats for about 12 hours, hand pull the meat once it’s cooked to perfection, and he creates most of our sauces from scratch. This process ensures tender, juicy meats that make great tacos and burritos every time...just the way YOU want them!
We think that's a cut above what you'll find at most chain restaurants!
Our People: 
Being locally owned and operated, we like to think of ourselves as the “Anti-Chain”! We believe in supporting our local community right here in Ashburn, Virginia. Our team is made up of people from all over the world, who now live around our area. Not only will you see the staff serving our amazing food at our restaurant, but you’ll regularly see us donating money to local charities, coaching children's athletic teams in town, and volunteering at local events. 
In fact, we love our employees so much that we typically pay them a starting wage that is 20-40% higher than most chain restaurants would pay them! 

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Did you know? 

  • We smoke all of our seasoned meats for about 12 hours to produce tender, succulent meat for our tacos and burritos. 
  • Our QTitude Chili was created from our Owner Keith’s Grandma’s 85 year old family recipe.
  • Our QDog is made with real Chicago style Vienna beef hot dogs.
  • All of our sauces, meats and most ingredients are gluten-free.  Keith's sister has Celiac Disease, and we know many people have allergies, or are just simply health conscious.
  • We stand behind our product. If you are ever unhappy with your experience or food, it's FREE...it is that simple. If we have to give away a ton of food, then we shouldn't be in business.




FRIED Chicken Tacos are back! ON SPECIAL this weekend (SAT/SUN3 for only $8.99!


(12/12/16 to 12/18/16) 

Weekly Specials



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20691 Ashburn Rd
Ashburn VA 20147

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Having a party? Order our tasty TaQue tacos, burritos and sides for your next event! We’ve even got packages available where we setup, wrap the burritos during mealtime, and clean up when we’re done!  

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Please fill out the form below and our catering manager will be in touch within 24 hours!


Since our food is so great you might have trouble finding a parking spot from time to time! We're working on creative solutions for parking lot pick up. Please stay tuned for more info! 

Our online ordering system will be up soon, for now please call us to place your order.

(703) 726-3004




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